This window appears because any of the application was installed or updated recently, during the time when you are using the USB.

If you came across that your USB is showing "Your Application is Expired", even your course validity is still active.

Please consider the below steps to resolve this issue by yourself.

  1. Close the TGA application by clicking on the close button.
  2. Delete the file 1001.db from the coursekart folder and your stream folder (Mechanical/Civil/Electrical/Electronics etc)
  3. Delete dev.dat file from the coursekart folder if any.
  4. Ask to release or send the new database file by calling 08061766239.
  5. Copy and paste the file inside the coursekart folder and the stream folder.
  6. Disconnect the internet and then start the TGA app from the desktop shortcut.
  7. Click on "GET MY ID" button, it will display a USB id starting from "@TGATab XXXXXX#XXXXXX".
  8. Send this ID to without making any typing mistake. You will receive an activation code.
  9. Copy and paste the same activation code inside the white box below GET MY ID button.
  10. Click on "GO" button to activate your USB again.

For further instruction call us at 08040611031.