This window appears because there might be some of the required files were modified or not available inside the USB.

If you came across that your USB is showing "Some files are changes, please contact administrator", please consider the below steps to resolve this issue by yourself.

  1. Close the TGA application by clicking on the close button.
  2. Delete the file 1001.db from the coursekart folder (Mechanical/Civil/Electrical/Electronics etc)
  3. Copy the file 1001.db from the Application folder.
  4. Open the TGA App from the Desktop Shortcut.
  5. Click on "GET MY ID" button, it will display a USB id starting from "CKTLRN XXXXXXXXXXXXXX".
  6. Either send this ID to or type the code COURSEKART inside the box below the ID.
  7. Click on "GO" button to activate your USB again.

For further instruction call us at 08040611031.